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 Official Stellar 8 tourney RULES

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PostSubject: Official Stellar 8 tourney RULES   Official Stellar 8 tourney RULES EmptyThu May 02, 2013 3:13 pm


List of Refs/Officials for 1st Stellar 8 tourney:
1 - @Stellar_Clone : GT - Stellar Clone
2 - @Cross_Rxactions : GT - Rxactions
3 - GT - deathx2xsociety
4 - @RJayyIN : GT - Stellar RJ
5 - @MurderCityHero : GT - MurderCityHero
MUST have one of these guys in the match before it starts!!!!!!!!!!!

All people in lobby (players, coaches, officials) MUST be OFFLine for duration of matchup.

5 second self kill delay is not supposed to be on for ANY map.

If any team has a rule issue during the match the official must be informed of issue IMMEDIATELY, and official will choose whether the match should end, be restarted, or be forfeited.

If a team fails to inform the official (or @Stellar_Clone : GT - Stellar Clone) of the rule issue for that map before the next map begins, then the map goes to the winner with wrong rules, and the chance to dispute the map is lost.

Tournament Officials

Each matchup must have at least 1 official/ref present, and an official/ref should be in the match lobby before the match starts.

Teams should contact (@Stellar_Clone GT: Stellar Clone) if they encounter any problems with officials/refs either between maps or before matchup starts.

While officials/refs are in a Custom Games Lobby, Players must keep them un-muted at all times and comply with their instructions. Furthermore, no ref/official may be in a party during match, and the ref/official must be in CoD caster and not assigned to a team. If a ref/official breaks this rule the match will be replayed from the 1 map and offending ref/official must be replaced before the match can begin again. Any disputes concerning this rule must be backed up with evidence.

Verbal abuse of a Tournament Official may result in disqualification.

General Rules

Any sign of cheating may result in a Forfeit of the Game and/or disqualification from the tourney.
Players/Teams that are disqualified during a Game must quit out of the Game. Players/Teams that are disqualified will be kicked immediately from Stellar 8.

Matches must be played at on the scheduled day (unless extreme circumstances - see @Stellar_Clone ONLY to start this process).

Teams have a 15 minute Grace Period, after their scheduled Match time, in which they must contact their opponent or a Tournament Official. Teams that fail to contact their opponent or a Tournament Official, during the Grace Period, may Forfeit their Match.

Teams must have at least 3 Players present in order to play a Game. If a Team doesn’t have enough Players to play a Game, after the Grace Period has ended, they may Forfeit the Match.

Teams may delay a Match between Games for up to five minutes. Teams can request that a Tournament Official enforce this five minute time limit. After five minutes of a Tournament Official enforced delay, if the delaying Team is not present, they will Forfeit the Match. Tourney officials will probably be in every match, if there is not one present before match starts please contact GT: Stellar Clone.

In order to dispute Game results, Teams must notify a Tournament Official that they would like to Protest the Game before a new Game has begun. In order to dispute Match results, Teams must notify a Tournament Official that they would like to Protest the Match no longer than 15 minutes after the end of the Match. If a Tournament Official is not available, a Dispute Ticket must be submitted within three hours of the scheduled Match time in the DISPUTES section (not viewable by public).

Game Types, Settings & Restrictions
Game Types

Capture the Flag - Raid
Capture the Flag - Slums
Capture the Flag - Standoff

Hard Point - Raid
Hard Point - Slums
Hard Point - Standoff
Hard Point - Yemen

Search and Destroy - Express
Search and Destroy - Meltdown
Search and Destroy - Raid
Search and Destroy - Standoff

Settings : if the rule is not specifically stated to be set in one way or another, then it is default setting. IF the rule is not said to be set to something, then the setting is DEFAULT. (thus not changed)

Restricted Scorestreaks
Hunter Killer
Care Package
Orbital VSAT

Restricted Secondary Weapons
Kap 40

Restricted Attachments
Grenade Launcher
Dual Wield

Restricted Perks

Restricted Lethals
Bouncing Betty

Restricted Tacticals
Shock Charge
Tactical Insertion

General Settings

Game Recording = On
Party Privacy = Invite Only
Player Limit = 8
Scorestreaks = Allowed
Pre-Match Timer = 15 Seconds
Pre-Round Timer = 5 Seconds
Auto Team Balance = Off
Team Change In-Game = Not Allowed
Dynamic Map Elements = No
Killcam = On
3rd Person Spectating = Not Allowed
CODcasting = Allowed
Mini-map = Normal
Revenge Voice = No
Battlechatter = On
Announcer = On
Explosive Delay = 8 Seconds
Scorestreak Delay = 15 Seconds

Health and Damage Settings

Health = 100%
Health Regeneration = Normal
Friendly Fire = On
Teamkill Kick Limit = Off
Headshots Only = No
Hit Indicator = On

Hard Point

Time Limit = 10 Minutes
Score Limit = 250 Points
Teams = 2
Hardcore = Off
Lifetime = 1 Minute
Capture Time = None
Activation Delay Time = None
Locations = Linear Order
Scoring = Constant
Respawn Delay = None
Force Respawn = Yes
Wave Spawn Delay = None

Capture the Flag

Win Condition = Total Flag Captures
Time Limit = 5 Minutes
Hardcore = Off
Capture Limit = 10 Flags
Round Limit = 2 Rounds
Enemy Carrier = Delayed
Auto Return Time = 30 Seconds
Pickup Time = Instant
Return Time = Instant
Respawn Delay = 5 Seconds
Force Respawn = Yes
Wave Respawn Delay = None

Search and Destroy

Time Limit = 1.5 Minutes
Round Win Limit = 6 Rounds
Hardcore = Off
Bomb Timer = 45 Seconds
Plant Time = 5 Seconds
Defuse Time = 7.5 Seconds
Multi Bomb = No
Switch Sides = Every Round
Silent Plant = Yes
Respawn Delay = None
Force Respawn = Yes
Wave Respawn = None

Gameplay Rules

After entering a Custom Games Lobby, Players must set their XBL Status to “Appear Offline”.

No leaving the normal boundaries of a Map.

Breaking Gameplay Rule by using a Restricted Scorestreak, Secondary Weapon, Attachment, Perk, Lethal, or Tactical will result in a Forfeit of the map.

The Team that doesn’t Host a map must choose to play as the top or bottom team for that Game.

If a Round/Game is started without the approval of a Tournament Official, it will be restarted from the beginning.

If a Capture the Flag Game (CTF) or Hardpoint (HP) Game ends in a tie, the Game must be replayed. Host and top/bottom teams are not changed when a Round/Game is replayed.

Players who quit or disconnect from a Game, before it has ended, will be allowed to rejoin the Game, but a Team will Forfeit the Game if all of their Players quit without a Tournament Official’s permission.

If an Official or CODCaster loses their connection to the Game, but both Teams remain in the Game, the Game must continue.

Before the start of a Match, Players should ensure that they don’t have any outstanding invitations to the Custom Game.

If an outside Player joins a Round while it is in progress and stays for more than 10 seconds, picks up or uses a weapon, picks up or defuses the bomb, picks up or returns the flag, or is injured, the effected Round must be restarted. Teams must have proof if an Official is not present to provide proof of an outside Player joining the effected Round. If proof of the Round/Game Score can’t be provided, the entire Game may be restarted.

If an outside Player joins a Round while it is in progress, stays for less than 10 seconds, doesn’t pick up or use a weapon, doesn’t pick up or defuse the bomb, doesn’t pick up or return the flag, and isn’t injured, the Round must continue.

The Team responsible for inviting an outside Player may be penalized with a Game or Match Forfeit.

Host Choices - Best of 7 Games Matches

The hot of the 1st map is the top team in the bracket.

If players cannot connect to the player hosting then another player on the same team will host. If the team that is supposed to host cannot offer a connection everyone can join then a tourney Official will be used to host for the team no one can connect to.

The same map and gametype cannot be repeated/played more than once in a Best of 7 Games Match.

Hosting & Custom Games Creation

The Hosting Player should create the Custom Games Lobby. As the hosting Team changes over the course of a Match, the new hosting Player should leave the Custom Games Lobby and create a new one.

The exact MLG Settings and Restrictions must be used for all Games.

If the host starts the match with the wrong settings it can be restarted within 45 seconds of the start of the game. IF the host starts a game and ends it more than 3 times with the wrong rules that team forfeits the current map. If the host starts the game with wrong rules and one team gets a kill before match is ended the host team forfeits the map.

Players/Teams who quit out of a Game and claim that the wrong Settings were used will Forfeit the Game if they are unable to provide proof to back up their claim.

No warm-up or practice Games are permitted once the Match’s first Game has begun. Host Test Games that last for 1 minute or less are permitted. Custom Game Creators who violate this rule may Forfeit a Game/Match, and disputing team must provide proof.

Host Test Games should be played using a Map that the Teams are not scheduled to play against each other so that Players aren’t confused about whether the Match has officially begun/resumed.

If, after the start of a Game, Host is transferred to a Player who wasn’t designated to be the Game’s Host, the Game must still be played.

If a Player’s connection to the Host becomes unreasonable during a Game, the Game must still be played. After each Game, either Team may request that a new Host be tested, if the previous Host was unreasonable.

If a Player loses their connection to the Host in the first 45 seconds, the player must be invited back and the game must be restarted.

If a Player loses their connection to the Host after 45 seconds passes, the Round/Game must continue. Players losing their connection to the Host may be invited back to the Custom Game.

If the Custom Game Creator incorrectly ends a Round/Game after 45 seconds has passed, without a Tournament Official’s permission, their Team will Forfeit the Game.

Teams may request that they be allowed to give up their hosting privileges for one or more Games. The opposing Team must then accept or reject the opportunity to Host that Game(s). If neither team can agree on host, then a tourney Official will choose the best host (in their opinion) and teams Must comply with the Official's choice of host.

Reporting Results

The winning Team must report the Match results within 30 minutes of its completion.

If teams cannot agree on the official map count (ex; 4-3 or 4-1) then proof of maps won by each team will be required.

Teams that need to submit a Screenshot in order to resolve a dispute should upload the Screenshot to Stellar 8 disputes page.

If a Video is needed in order to resolve a dispute, it should be uploaded to a User Generated Video upload site. The URL for the Screenshot or Video should be attached to the Dispute Ticket.

If a Match isn’t played, and neither Team contacts a Tournament Official or submits a Dispute Ticket requesting the Forfeit win, the Match win will be awarded to the Team on top of match bracket.

If a Match isn’t played and both Teams submit a Ticket requesting the Forfeit win, but neither Team can prove that they were signed into the XBL at the scheduled Match time, the Match win will be awarded to the Team on top of match bracket.

If a Match is played, both Teams claim that they won, but neither Team has proof, the Match Must be played with a tourney Official.

GOOD LUCK everyone!
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Official Stellar 8 tourney RULES
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