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 Stellar 8 guide-lines

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PostSubject: Stellar 8 guide-lines   Stellar 8 guide-lines EmptySun Mar 31, 2013 2:34 pm

~Current Anaheim MLG rules Only~

Once a team becomes Pro, then they no longer compete for a spot in the Stellar 8. Pro Stellar can Only happen after a team has placed top 3 of a money tourney, and the tourney cannot be one of these weekly tourneys at iCons or CGA. The tourney has to be a bigger tourney that Pros are playing in with real money prizes, not just some Krontrol Freaks and Venom grips kind of prizes. The Pro status with Stellar Competitive can only be established after a team has joined SC and won or placed in top 3 of a major tourney (LAN or on-line).

Teams in the Stellar 8 must compete to keep that status. This status cannot be lost from playing teams in the Stellar 8, or by just randomly scrimming other teams. Any outside team that wants to be in the Stellar 8 (sponsored) must earn that position by playing at least 4 of the 8 teams and proving they belong here, and it has to be an official challenge. In order to prove you belong in the Stellar 8 the challenging team must win majority maps against two teams (bo7), and the teams that have to play the challenging team are randomly selected from the Stellar 8 teams (to make it fair). You can't just earn this spot in a day unless your team is able to complete the necessary challenges in a single day; this takes some time, and the process is not to be taken lightly. The team that is replaced is the team that has the least number of map wins against the challenging team. If the challenging team earns a spot in the 8, their initial rank is 8. This cannot change until they earn a rank in their first Stellar 8 tourney.

If a team loses Stellar 8 status, this does not mean the team that is replaced is no longer part of Stellar Competitive, simply that team no longer holds that status in the organization (unless that team earns that status back by going through the same process as a challenging team from outside SC). Sponsored teams of Stellar Competitive are not necessarily in the Stellar 8 currently, but all sponsored teams were at one time or another in the Stellar 8. All teams in the Stellar 8 are subject to being ousted by a challenging team. The Stellar 8 competitive arena mimics the top 8 MLG BO2 teams. There is a fight in the Pros for those spots, and by creating this atmosphere at Stellar Competitive we are preparing our teams at an earlier stage for the big show.

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Stellar 8 guide-lines
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