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 Stellar 8 Tourney prizes

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Stellar 8 Tourney prizes Empty
PostSubject: Stellar 8 Tourney prizes   Stellar 8 Tourney prizes EmptyWed Apr 24, 2013 8:59 pm

1st tourney will begin May 3rd @ 9pm eastern. However, teams are allowed to work out a time on day each round is to be played that works for both teams. Once both teams have decided what time they will play a tourney Official must be informed and present for the match. Each round's matches must take place on the day of that round. (under extreme circumstances, and ONLY after @Stellar_Clone has been contacted and issued discussed.)

Participants: Stellar 8 teams ONLY (must be in Stellar 8 to participate)

The roster must remain the same for entire Stellar 8 tourney. (Only extreme circumstances will permit a change of roster)

Rules: MLG Anaheim

Matches: BO7, in semi-finals and finals it will be BO9

Elimination: 2 game elimination

1st prize: 100$ in Stellar (team bank) for future (Anaheim) tourney, custom graphics

2nd prize: custom graphics, to be determined

3rd prize: custom graphics, to be determined

How often: Stellar 8 tourney occurs once a month

All teams in the Stellar 8 are awarded custom graphics, team page at website, forum dedicated to team, professional coaching, team promotion and team management, also Stellar serves as representative for team to work with other sponsors and to help in process of receiving prizes outside of Stellar Comp. If a team already has one or more of the current things you are welcome to use what you already have and work with any sponsor you like (except RivalCaster and Kelevra Gaming - this decision is based on their actions not Stellar's)

Good Luck cheers
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Stellar 8 Tourney prizes
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